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New Saint Andrews College
Among Christian colleges and universities, New Saint Andrews has led the revival of the “classical Christian liberal arts” approach to higher education.  It’s the same education that shaped many of the founders of our country and defined higher education a little more than a century ago.

Patterned after the Harvard curriculum of 1643 – with small group recitations and oral exams – New Saint Andrews integrates the languages, history, philosophy, and culture of classical antiquity and Western tradition in the light of Scripture. First and foremost, the College’s classical Christian liberal arts curriculum prepares graduates for the various vocations of life…as church members, family members, citizens, husbands and wives, and parents.

With their degree in Liberal Arts and Culture, New Saint Andrews College graduates have gone on to pursue advanced study at places like Oxford, Notre Dame, Duke, Vanderbilt and St. John’s, and careers in fields ranging from law, business, writing, health care, economics, technology, teaching, and the ministry.

The ISI Guide to All-American Colleges describes New Saint Andrews College as “intellectually rigorous and firmly grounded in the Christian tradition."  The College, which limits enrollment to no more than 200, also offers graduate programs in Theology and Letters and Classical Christian Studies. Students come from 20 different Christian denominations, 35 states and eight foreign countries. 

Tuition at New Saint Andrews is less than half of the average private college or university, and the College also offers the option of locking in tuition rates for four  years.

New Saint Andrews is located in historic downtown Moscow, a town of  23,000 in the  picturesque Palouse hills of the Idaho panhandle. Moscow is also home to Credenda Agenda magazine, Canon Press, Logos School, the Association of Classical Christian Schools and two thriving CREC churches. Additionally, the University of Idaho is located in Moscow and Washington State University is across the border in nearby Pullman.  

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