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Not All Rigor Is Mortis
Though, to be honest, most of our best teachers are dead. Augustine, Calvin, Ambrose, T.S. Eliot, Flannery O’Connor, Chesterton – all dead. The liberal arts is a bloody business. And people aren’t the only casualties. Languages have died. Cities – gone. Libraries – burned by insecure bearded invaders. Don’t even ask about the arts. Or Byzantium. But the history of the Western world isn’t over. We’re standing in it. Standing on it. The same ancient wars are being waged and the enemies are entrenched outside the walls of the City of God. They’re even wearing the same face paint. This is no time to mourn or go wobbly. We’re not dead yet. We’re in the thick of it. Rigor vitae. Break the bread. Pour the wine. And when we do join the saints beyond the fray, we’ll have left others behind, trained, eager, laughing, ready for their turn.

A Classical Christian Liberal Arts College
New Saint Andrews, a classical Christian college established in 1994, follows the original Harvard model of 1643 with Oxford-style small group recitations. Our nationally-known faculty integrates the languages, history, philosophy, and culture of classical antiquity and Western tradition in the light of a Trinitarian worldview of scripture.

Academic Rigor
Our challenging academic program isn’t just for honor students. Our students are well-rounded, hard-working high school or home school graduates with average to above average test scores. 

The Major Difference
We offer a higher education, not majors. Students leave New Saint Andrews with a degree in Liberal Arts and Culture. As graduates they have attended some the top grad schools in the country and have pursued a variety of vocations.

Limited Enrollment
We’ve built a college around our faithful faculty, not an ever-increasing student body. Each fall only 50 to 60 freshmen are admitted.  As a result, students enjoy personal relationships at the College and in the community.

We Offer Living In Community
We don’t do dorms, food service, recreation centers, or intercollegiate athletics. Students live on their own as mature members of the community and create their own activities.

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