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New Saint Andrews College is located in Moscow, Idaho, about one mile from the University of Idaho, a public land-grant university with a student body of 13,000, and libraries that hold over 2 million items. The College is eight miles from Washington State University, a public land-grant university with 18,000 students and library holdings of nearly four million items. These libraries are fully accessible to students and faculty at New Saint Andrews College as members of the local community.

A College Town
The local universities create a stimulating setting for New Saint Andrews's rigorous instruction in the Christian worldview and culture. There are adherents and practitioners of numerous philosophies and religions, as well as Christians from a variety of backgrounds. Moscow is a thriving and diverse community of 20,000 located in the northern part of the state, about 90 miles southeast of Spokane, Washington. It is situated in the Palouse region, known for its wave-like rolling hills and its farming. Moscow and nearby Pullman, Washington, are rural agricultural communities that possess a cosmopolitan culture drawn by their respective universities. The local symphony performs just minutes from vast, quiet fields of wheat. A number of strong evangelical churches are located in the Moscow area. Moscow is also home to Logos School, a renowned classical and Christian school (K-12), and has an active community of Christian homeschoolers. New Saint Andrews students enjoy the support, fellowship, and hospitality of Christian families and churches in the area.

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