2020 Commencement with Speaker David L. Bahnsen

Posted on September 3, 2020

“2020 is becoming a peak point for the ridiculous.” David L. Bahnsen, speaking at Commencement 2020, correctly labeled our year. Poking fun at hypocritical COVID policies and some Christian leaders, his amusing remarks on 2020 got a little more serious.

Looking back at 1900-1920, Bahnsen drew numerous parallels between those two decades and the decades 2000-2020. Both periods have had wars, pandemics, economic crises, communists, and anti-trust concerns. The tragedies of the twentieth century produced heroes: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, Winston Churchill, and so on. These were formidable, serious Christians able to take on the challenges of their time. Reflecting on these men, he gave the graduates a charge.

Be serious. “What it will take to ensure a better final 80 years than the first 20 years of this century, is seriousness. This is a serious moment. Do you see that? Do you feel that?… In this moment, in this period, you enter the next phase of adult life in a tumultuous time. But you have a better understanding of the past and the future than the world does… Be serious, be ready for the occasion, and be opportunistic. You can change the world 100 years at a time. Trust and obey. History is calling for it.”

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