A Better Orpheus

Orpheus charmed his bride out of hell.

The legend of Orpheus illustrates the power of music. When his bride is cast into hell, Orpheus conducts a rescue mission. Using music, he charms all of hell, including Hades himself, and breaks her out.

Well, we’re charming the hell out of culture.

Our culture and churches are filled with bad music. It’s not skillful, it’s not biblically grounded, and it’s ignorant of our rich heritage. Our music culture is infected.

In a very real way, we’re charming the hell out of music and culture. Music belongs to God, it’s made for his glory and his people.

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Complete Alongside the BA

Graduate with your BA and Certificate of Music at the same time. The Certificate credits fit into the four-year plan of the BA. But, if you want a lighter load, you can delay certificate credits into a fifth year.

Take the



Diagnosing a Singer's


Dr. Laun diagnoses the singing problems of real students and prescribes solutions in this live webinar. As a successful opera singer and teacher, his webinar will provide value for both music students and music teachers.

The webinar is over but you can watch the recording here.

Through-Composing the Psalms

Dr. Erb breaks down his through-composed psalms, showing us what musical components he used and why. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of sacred music, which is the kind of music the Conservatory of Music seeks to create.


    • Cole Tutino, D.M.

    • David R. Erb, D.M.A.

    • Ryan F. Smith, D.M.A



    Students get access to one-on-one training so they can master two instruments of their choice. Mastery is necessary for performance, but also for teachers and musical leaders—you cannot give instruction about things you don’t understand.

    Become a


    Students learn music history, Church music, and music pedagogy. You gain wisdom and leadership skills so you can lead your community and culture in a direction that God approves.

    Build Your


    The Christian musician cannot hope to affect culture ignorant of how music works. A mature musician has to know musical grammar, syntax, and the language of musical ideas. So we give our students a rigorous foundation in music theory, analysis, and expect them to demonstrate their learning by composing and arranging music in that manner.

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