COVID-19 Preparedness and Information

Posted on March 10, 2020

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

This is not intended to be comprehensive and should not be considered to be providing medical or legal advice. In all instances, you should consult with your doctor for guidance specific to your circumstances.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is responding to an outbreak of respiratory disease caused by a novel (new) coronavirus that was first detected in China and which has now been detected in almost ninety locations internationally, including in the United States. While there are no known cases in Idaho, New Saint Andrews College is monitoring the situation in full cooperation with public health officials. The college is committed to caring for the health and safety of all of our students, staff, and faculty.

At this time the college is continuing its operational routines as usual. However, we advise students, staff, and faculty to take due precautions, such as those outlined below, and to stay tuned for further notices because this is an evolving situation.

As a precaution, we are currently training our faculty to be prepared to deliver instruction online if it becomes necessary to do so, or if some students are not able to attend classes in person. The college is also redoubling its efforts to sanitize frequently-touched surfaces in public areas, including door handles, banisters, light switches, and publicly-accessed keyboards.

Travel Advisory

For any who will be traveling over Spring break, please pay special attention to any public health notices in the areas where you will be traveling and from the CDC ( Make sure to follow any guidelines recommended for you.

Consider altering your plans if you are traveling where there is currently an outbreak of COVID-19 (e.g., Seattle, South Korea). If you do travel to an area where there is a known outbreak, please be particularly mindful of your own health. If you do become sick or are placed under quarantine, email your professors and the college—we will work with you to accommodate a late return.

For those of you who have roommates or are boarding with local families, make sure to have a conversation about your travel plans. Are your roommates and hosts comfortable with you traveling to a place with a known outbreak? If any of them or their family members have high-risk factors, keep in mind that they may strongly object to your plans.

Although you may be willing to put yourself at risk, remember that your actions may affect others and that we are required to love our neighbors. Consider whether in this situation that may mean not doing what you had planned on doing or not going where you had planned on going.

Personal Hygiene

New Saint Andrews College urges all students, staff, and faculty to follow the advice for personal hygiene as disseminated by the North Idaho District of Idaho Public Health, which we republish here:

The risk of transmission within the general public remains low and there are precautions people can take to minimize their risk of contracting any respiratory illness. It is important for citizens to utilize the same good illness etiquette utilized to protect ourselves from the common cold or influenza. There is no vaccination for this illness, and treatment involves staying well hydrated and seeking medical care if you become significantly ill. Things to remember to keep yourself healthy are:

Additional Information

For additional news and current information about COVID-19 in our region, consult the web page for the North Idaho Public Health District No. 2 at this link.

See all other COVID-19 updates here. 

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