Escalante appointed Director of Wenden House

Posted on July 14, 2015

New Saint Andrews College is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Mr. Peter Escalante as the new Director of Wenden House. Mr. Escalante brings with him a rare combination of gifts. First, he has a deep interest in and insight into the task of translation in general. This past year he visited Wenden House and, using Belloc's two part essay "On Translation," led a very inspiring discussion on the task of the translator, drawing in current Wenden scholars, college faculty, and several Wenden hopefuls.

Mr. Escalante is also well trained in the tools of translation, namely the Latin language itself. Given Wenden's focus on theologians like Zanchi, Beza, and others, Mr. Escalante's familiarity with ecclesiastical Latin and the categories of scholasticism provides a helpful resource in teasing out the meaning of these very precise Reformers. Lastly, Mr. Escalante has a knowledge of the period of our study that is both as astonishingly deep as it is broad.

We are very excited to have Mr. Escalante at the helm of Wenden and look forward to bigger things from the program.

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