Moscow Extravaganza Event Schedule

Your guide to all the events in Moscow during New Saint Andrews Commencement, Convocation, Christ Church’s Grace Agenda, and more.

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Wednesday, August 12

NSA Events

6:30 President’s Dinner: Doors Open 1912 Center
7:00 President’s Dinner: Dinner 1912 Center

Thursday, August 13

NSA Events

2:00 Tour of NSA Campus New Saint Andrews College
3:00 NSA Alumni Happy Hour Tapped
7:00 NSA Graduation Nazarene Church

Friday, August 14

Men's Pre-Conference Seminar

8:30 Registration Trinity Reformed Church
9:00 Douglas Wilson Resistance, Revolution, Reformation, and Romans (13, that is)
10:00 Break
10:15 Gary DeMar The Biblical Vision of the Founders
11:00 Logos Bible Software Presentation
11:30 Lunch Hosted by Wilburger
12:30 Ben Merkle Education at the Founding
1:30 Douglas Wilson Republics and Democracies
2:15 Speaker Q&A

Ladies' Pre-Conference Seminar

8:30 Registration Nazarene Church
9:00 Rachel Jankovic Friendship and Accountability
9:45 Break
10:00 Rebekah Merkle Joy and Laughter
10:45 Break
11:00 Nancy Wilson Pursuing Ordinary Holiness
11:45 Speaker Q&A
12:15 Ladies' Luncheon hosted by Thresh Catering
1:30 - 3:30 Break - Vendors start setup in Fellowship Hall
2:00 - 4:00 What Have You Meet and Greet Jankovic Residence

NSA Events

12:30 Tour of NSA Campus New Saint Andrews College
1:00 - 3:00 Student/Faculty panel at NSA
3:30 Choir Concert with David Erb Title TBD Nazarene Church

Grace Agenda

5:30 Registration Nazarene Church
6:00 N.D. Wilson How to Read the Story You Are In
6:45 Break
7:15 Toby Sumpter How to Be a Person
8:00 Speaker Q&A
8:30 Canon After-Party Canon Press

Saturday, August 15

NSA Events

10:00 NSA Convocation Nazarene Church

Grace Agenda

12:00 Lunch Break Nazarene Church
1:00 Announcements
1:15 Douglas Wilson How to Be Free from Bitterness
2:00 Coffee Break
2:30 Gordon Wilson How to Confess Your Sins
3:15 Coffee Break
3:45 Gary DeMar How to Internalize Scripture
4:45 Speaker Q&A
5:30 Douglas Wilson Grace Agenda Manifesto
6:00 Final Exhibit
7:00 Bible Reading Challenge Dessert and Fellowship TBD
7:30 CrossPolitic Meet and Greet Rench Residence

Sunday, August 16

Church and Fellowship

8:30 Christ Church Worship Service Douglas Wilson Logos Fieldhouse
9:30 Christ Church Downtown Service Christ Church Offices (NuArt Theater)
10:30 Christ Church Worship Service Douglas Wilson Logos Fieldhouse
12:00 BBQ at the Park Hosted by Post College Life TBD
5:00 Christ Church Psalm Sing and Fellowship Trinity Reformed Church

Monday, August 17

NSA Classes

9:00 Chaucer Lecture New Saint Andrews College
10-12:00 American Music
10-11:00 Political Economics
1:00 Choir
2:00 Tea Time
2:30 Marine Biology
4:30 Gastronomy