Learn to
Think & Speak Clearly

in Unthinking Times

When colleges have gone mad, our classical Christian liberal arts program prepares you to think clearly, say what matters, and live a life that honors our Maker.

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    Liberal Arts Graduates

    have gone on to

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    Graduate schools that have admitted students with an undergraduate degree from New Saint Andrews College:

    Art Institute of Washington, Arlington VA
    Boise State University
    Canadian RTS
    Cornell University
    Duke University
    Erskine Theological Seminary
    Georgetown University
    Gonzaga University
    Harvard University
    Institute of World Politics
    Kansas University
    Lewis-Clark State College
    Liberty University
    Missouri State University
    Northwestern University Medical School
    Oxford University, UK
    Princeton University
    Reformed Theological Seminary
    Regent University
    Regent University Law School
    San Jose State
    Seattle Pacific University
    Southern Mississippi University
    St. Ambrose University
    St. John's College, Annapolis
    Stephen F. Austin University
    University of California, LA
    University of Dallas
    University of Edinburgh, UK
    University of Exeter, UK
    University of Idaho
    University of Kentucky
    University of Louisiana, Monroe
    University of Lynchburg
    University of Minnesota
    University of North Carolina
    University of Notre Dame
    University of Pennsylvania
    University of Praetoria, South Africa
    University of Texas
    University of Toronto, CA
    University of Wales, UK
    University of Washington
    University of York, UK
    Vanderbilt University
    Washington & Lee University
    Wayne State University
    Westminster Seminary

    College today
    is spiritual warfare.

    Since 7 out of 10 Christian freshmen abandon faith in college, college cannot be about mere job training. You sign up for a college to shape your soul, your adulthood, and your eternal future.

    Colleges today typically produce the following.

    Faithless Freshmen

    They trivialize faithfulness to Christ. Many colleges teach that you can both “succeed” as an adult and ignore the Reason all things exist, which is a deathwish. Outside of Christ we get academic insanity. In Christ we get true education.

    Immature Adults

    Many colleges are hotbeds of immaturity and promiscuity in dorms, student chapels that prolong youth group culture, and classrooms that fail to instill civility and patience with people they disagree with. They lack community and discipleship among godly adults.

    Fragile Degrees

    Colleges sell the myth that degrees define your career and they graduate cogs in the machine of society. Many do not equip you to survive lockdowns, the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the Judgment. Avoid schools with dead-end post-modern degrees that rhyme with spender and pitiful face. They, even the Ivy Leagues, have forgotten what matters.

    Federal Debts

    Colleges load graduates with an average debt of $30,000. Most students do not know their tuition pays for amenities like lazy rivers, campus restaurants they do not like, and more. Plus, federal funds have strings attached. Instead of living by the power of the gospel, feds mandate the practice of “safe sex”, shrinks, and safe spaces. Not the marks of clear thinking.

    Our classical, Christian
    Liberal Arts degree
    equips you to fight back.

    Our graduates do not become professional “liberal artists”. College is more than career prep.

    Since 1994, NSA was built to prepare students who think clearly and lead culture under the Lordship of Jesus Christ who leads us out of our faithless, immature, fragile, debt-laden college culture.

    We equip our graduates who live dangerous to the enemies of our Father and spread Christ’s kingdom throughout every square inch of this world.

    Welcome to spiritual bootcamp

    The community, academics, and culture at New Saint Andrews equips you with everything you will need to become the kind of person to tackle any constructive cultural task anywhere, from courtrooms to hospitals to jobsites to movie sites to the highest risk job in the most important setting of all: the raising and training of the next generation of immortal souls around dining room tables and in pews.

    Maturity in Community

    At NSA, men and women learn to grow up in Christ, both in and out of the class. You’ll rent apartments and houses, rather than youth culture dorms. Worship with the body of Christ, beyond your student body. Connect with Christian adults, elders, and families. In a school as tight-knit as ours, it’s easy to find lifelong friends and to receive wise direction from professors, who often serve as church elders.

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    Financial Freedom

    Federal money is for suckers. We want to shape free men and women with fruitful families, cultures, and businesses to build, and that means freedom from debt.

    So no federal aid, agendas, worldly policies, hidden fees, or $30,000 federal loan debt here. Just no-nonsense tuition for an education. And at nearly half the cost of average college tuition, you get

    • A proven education that world-class universities honor and welcome
    • Business skills to thrive in mad times
    • Habits of independence and responsibility from federal sticky money
    • A debt-free head start to life after college, far beyond 69% of college students who average $29k in debt
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    Rigorous Academics

    Not all rigor is mortis. Our curriculum is not for the faint of heart or for fragile minds. Students work on average 40hrs/week on schoolwork, double the national average. World-class colleges and companies have seen our graduates’ work and welcomed them into their ranks.

    Students will:

    • Study subjects that matter
    • Read and write voluminously for 7 weeks, followed by a week of written and oral exams
    • Meet hard deadlines for final papers, projects, and theses
    • Debate and present arguments in public, get your arguments torn to shreds—several times—and emerge as a clear-thinking, articulate speaker whose words compel belief
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    An Affordable, Robust Education

    Still need financial aid and a campus visit to find out if your expectations match reality?

    Juniors and seniors in high school can qualify for our Envision scholarship to claim $750 in tuition credit.

    New Saint Andrews is also one of the least expensive private colleges in the country because tuition is about half of the average private college tuition. To preserve our religious freedom New Saint Andrews does not participate in the Federal Student Aid program, but the College does offer a variety of scholarships and grants.

    Spots and scholarships are limited, so apply now.

    For more information on general and merit scholarships for full rides, click “Request College Info” now.