New book from Dr. Stokes coming in February

Posted on May 18, 2015

Senior Fellow of Philosophy, Dr. Mitch Stokes, has written a new book on Christian apologetics with the provocative title, How to Be an (A)theist:Why Many Skeptics Aren't Skeptical Enough. Here's a description from the publisher:

QuoteAtheists love to challenge the beliefs of Christians, emphasizing the importance of skepticism for all truly ‘free-thinking’ people. However, more often than not, atheists actually aren’t skeptical enough. In this book, philosopher Mitch Stokes demonstrates that atheists’ confidence in the supposed God-killing ‘facts’ of science, math, and their own reason all too often lulls them into a mind-set that leaves their own worldview largely unquestioned. Making the case for a more complete skepticism that questions the assumptions of EndquoteChristians and non-Christians, this book winsomely shows how Christianity offers the best explanation for the world, humanity, and morality.

Stokes has devoted considerable time and energy throughout his academic career to the study of apologetics. As a Christian with advanced degrees in the hard sciences (engineering), as well as in religion and philosophy, Dr. Stokes is uniquely qualified to address both the scientific and philosophical objections of unbelievers and skeptics.A-Shot-of-Faith

Outreach Magazine selected Dr. Stokes's previous book on apologetics, A Shot of Faith to the Head, as its 2013 Outreach Resource of the Year for apologetics. Mitch also brings his expertise to the NSA classroom, equipping students to answer the hard questions leveled at Christians by the unbelieving world.

Look for How to Be an (A)theist in February 2016 from Crossway.

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