Presidents Email - March 15, 2018

Posted on March 15, 2018

Welcome to my March Madness update:

March Madness is finally upon us, and my Director of Marketing seems a little too passionate about this month. During the tournament he tends to get sick on Thursdays and Fridays; I'm not sure what the problem is, but his timing seems suspicious. However, despite March's distractions, he assures me that potential students can still go here for our application process, or here to visit the college for our April 13-14th prospective student weekend.  

Build Campaign

Now to the reason for this important monthly update. As you know, New Saint Andrews has kicked off a five-year $15 million campaign. We've never done this type of "big ask" before, but realize that it will take a lot of help from alumni, grandparents, business people, and other friends of NSA to make it a success. So for the duration of March Madness, March 12th through April 7th, please bear with us as we focus our communication on an e-fundraising campaign. You'll be receiving weekly emails from us, but only during March Madness. Each week, starting today March 12th, we'll introduce a fund that you might find interesting. We hope that you'll choose at least one of them to donate or pledge to over the course of the Build NSA campaign. 

Generous donors continue to come alongside us to help "Build NSA" as we prepare to renovate our "new" old building, grow our scholarship fund, and increase our newly founded endowment fund.  Please pray for God's blessing on our e-fundraising campaign, which I've sketched out for you below with our different funds shown in the form of a traditional March Madness bracket.

Doing without government funding is a financial sacrifice for both the school and our students.  It means that although NSA charges one of the lowest private school tuition rates around, scholarships are still necessary for many students who would get government grants at other schools.  We give more than $300,000 of scholarships each year, which means that faculty, staff, and other donors make sacrifices to ensure that every qualified student who desires to attend NSA can do so. Automatic deposits feed into a pool which keeps these scholarships funded, month after month and year after year. Signing up for a monthly donation is a way of BUILDING the Reservoir Fund.

NSA doesn’t just want to focus inwards, we want to reach out as well. In the past year ,we’ve launched the Music Conservatory, a new MFA graduate degree, Kodaly music teacher training, and a Music Certificate program. Coming soon are:  NSA Curriculum, A Teacher Resource Center, The Commons, National Honor Choir, Podcasts and our National CALLED Conference for high school aged students. Help us reach a wider audience by BUILDING a bigger media presence.

AN ENDOWMENT: March 26-31
An Endowment Fund is the basis for permanent financial sustainability and is meant to provide funds for Faculty Development and Operational Initiatives that won’t be dependent on economic ups and downs from year to year. Multi-year plans depend on investment income to provide lasting support. Securing the future means BUILDING an Endowment Fund.

A CAMPUS: April 2-7
NSA is looking forward to growing our Campus:  remodeling our newly purchased building, renovating our current building, updating and adding to our library collection, improving and maintaining our facilities, and creating much needed classroom and study space. Donations are BUILDING tangibly for NSA’s future.

Your prayers, gifts, and encouragement are what make it possible for us to do the work that God has put before us here. Thank you for your faithfulness.

In Christ,

Benjamin Merkle
President of New Saint Andrews College

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