Three New Books by Three Alumnae

New Saint Andrews College · Mar 30 2021 · 2 min read

New Saint Andrews College

Mar 30, 2021

Christine Cohen, Gwen Burrow, and Christiana Hale are all graduates of the BA and the MFA program here at New Saint Andrews. Their education and their hard work have enabled them to all become contracted and published authors in this past year.

Christine Cohen

Christine has already published a YA novel through Canon Press. That first novel, The Winter King, was about “a village trapped in winter, a tyrannical god, and a girl who will do anything to keep her family alive…,” and was described by World Magazine as a book filled “with courage, suspense, unexpected twists, and deep Biblical truths.”

Her current untitled project, coming out this year, “is an alternate historical fantasy set in seventeenth century Venice with dueling magicians, underwater monsters, and a girl on the run.” Follow her on social for updates on the book.

Gwen Burrow

A long-time writer and reader, Gwen recently signed her first novel contract. It’s a major achievement considering that she has pursued writing since childhood:

I was seven years old when I knew somewhere on the soul level that God had made me a writer—not because I was any good at it, but because I was suddenly aware that the world itself is made of words, and that even if I never got paid for it, I must write because I was written. Almost thirty years later, here we are!

Of her book, she says, “Picture Children of Men meets Snowpiercer at sea. It’s scary and exciting and all my favorite things. Prison ship, cults, spies, lies, Christmas, the works. I hope it makes you smile. And cry.” You can follow her here for updates.

Christiana Hale

Struck by CS Lewis’s works at an early age, and having written her BA and MA theses on Lewis’s Ransom Trilogy, Christiana’s Deeper Heaven was long-awaited. It’s “a guide and companion through the magical web of medieval cosmology, ancient myth, and critique of modern philosophies that make up the oft-maligned ‘Space Trilogy.'”

Christiana has shared the journey of writing here, where you can follow her as she continues to write. She says of writing the book, “though I’d always intended to write novels (and still do), Deeper Heaven is a book that truly represents nine of the most crucial years of my life… I cannot wait for it to make its way out into the world. It has truly been a labor of love.”

We’re proud of these alumnae who have pursued their passions with tireless effort. Rejoice with them as they continue their writing careers!

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