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Instead of dormitory living, we board together as friends, families, and church members in a connected community.


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  • 30 Theses

    30 Theses A word from our President, Dr. Merkle Thinking Matters 30 Theses In Fifteen Minutes This short manifesto, written by the Board Members of New Saint Andrews College, casts a clear-minded vision of the full-bodied life of our students. Uncover more about how NSA liberal arts graduates become biblically-faithful...

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  • Quick Facts For Undergraduates

    While our Quick Facts page is being renovated, here are some brief statistics about New Saint Andrews undergraduate students. Graduation Rates Retention Rate Five-year Freshmen-Sophomore retention rate is 89% Tuition Tuition: $13,950 Room and Board: ~$4,000 Books & Supplies: ~$1,400 Total $18,950 For advanced payment, payment plans also available

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  • Tyndale Library: Ready to Serve Our Alumni

    It may have been a while since you hung up your black robe, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve resigned all the privileges of an NSA student. In fact, here at Tyndale Library, you as alumni have access to virtually the same resources and services as our current students. This...

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  • Meet Derek Monjure | Director of Development and Advancement

    Why would a successful and well-established man choose to make a drastic career change and move his family 2,500 miles across the nation? Maybe fame… or fortune? If those were the draw, staying put would have been the better option. Nothing less than vision and calling would motivate a move...

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  • Jarrod Richey Joins the Conservatory of Music

    Jarrod Richey joins the Conservatory of Music as director taking over for Dr. Mark Reagan who is transitioning to full-time church music work. Mr. Richey resides in Monroe, Louisiana, where he continues to teach music and choir at Geneva Academy in West Monroe. He is the founder and director of...

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  • 2020 Commencement with Speaker David L. Bahnsen

    “2020 is becoming a peak point for the ridiculous.” David L. Bahnsen, speaking at Commencement 2020, correctly labeled our year. Poking fun at hypocritical COVID policies and some Christian leaders, his amusing remarks on 2020 got a little more serious. Looking back at 1900-1920, Bahnsen drew numerous parallels between those...

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  • Music Faculty Panel Discusses Conservatory Distinctives

    “Scripture saturates all that we do. It is not a separate component of instruction.” So concluded Dr. Cody Laun, Instructor of Music, in an online music faculty panel this last Tuesday. Dr. Laun was joined by Fellow of Music Dr. David Erb and Lecturer of Music Dr. Cole Tutino, with...

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  • Graduation and Grace Agenda Together | Post-Quarantine Party

    Graduation Rescheduled If you've ever wanted to visit New Saint Andrews College, or attend the Grace Agenda conference, or visit the Christian community of Moscow, we have a date for you to save. The second week of August is a trifecta. To give the class of 2020 the ceremony they...

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  • Cello Recital with Dr. Cole Tutino

    Unable to play publicly, Dr. Cole Tutino has decided to live stream a cello recital. He'll be performing the Suite No. 3 in C Major for Solo Cello by J.S. Bach. Dr. Tutino shared his motivations for holding this recital: Shortly after New Saint Andrews began the term using online...

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  • A Word from Conservatory Sponsor Kestrel

    New Saint Andrews College Conservatory of Music is grateful to have Kestrel Realty Group as a faithful sponsor. As they continue to support music initiatives at the college and serve the community, we wanted to share their encouraging words: Kestrel Realty Group is proud to be the corporate sponsor for...

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