Graduating leaders who shape culture living faithfully under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

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Come gain skill for work and wisdom for life in an academic environment that strives after excellence.

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Instead of dormitory living, we board together as friends, families, and church members in a connected community.


Joining our community and our pursuit of academic excellence is simple.

Stories, Podcasts, and News

  • The New Saint Andrews Lectureship: A Christian Appraisal of Plato

    Every year, New Saint Andrews hosts an academic lectureship. We are pleased to announce that Dr. David Talcott will be our 2021-2022 Lectureship speaker. David Talcott is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at The King’s College in New York …

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  • God Sharpens the World: Alumni Talk with President Merkle

    The ability to claim neutrality in our culture is diminishing. The world’s contrasts are growing starker. As Dimble in That Hideous Strength said, “Good is always getting better and bad is always getting worse: the possibilities of even …

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  • Commencement 2021 Details

    Celebrate With Us Join us as we celebrate the outstanding graduates of the class 2021. Years of education, sacrifice, and joyful support have gone into creating these leaders who will shape culture living faithfully under the Lordship of Jesus …

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  • Glorious Dust: The Doctrine of Man

    Every year, New Saint Andrews hosts an academic lectureship. Thanks to Jonathan Gibson for being our 2020-2021 Lectureship speaker. His series, Glorious Dust: The Doctrine of Man is one of the best lectureships we’ve had. Rev. Dr. Jonathan …

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  • Greasy Moments: Alumni Talk with ND Wilson

    The 2020’s and You Novelist, filmmaker, and professional troublemaker, ND Wilson addressed the alumni about our current culture. Given our current culture, how should we think about the future? How should we act? Offering a bleak but humorous …

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  • Three New Books by Three Alumnae

    Christine Cohen, Gwen Burrow, and Christiana Hale are all graduates of the BA and the MFA program here at New Saint Andrews. Their education and their hard work have enabled them to all become contracted and published authors in this past year. …

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  • Smithsonian Acquires NSA Project for Collection

    When COVID shutdowns started, Dr. Schlect reached out to the Smithsonian museum to submit a history project his students were working on. The project, Dr. Schlect informed his students, was to: “Imagine you work for the Smithsonian’s Museum of …

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  • Introducing Little Tyndales

    After several months of collecting children’s books from local community members and installing custom shelving, I am pleased to announce the arrival of “Little Tyndales,” the new children’s section of NSA’s Tyndale Library! Home to nearly 350 …

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  • Alumni Access to JSTOR Journal Database

    Alumni Access In an article I wrote few months ago about NSA alumni services at Tyndale Library, I mentioned that alumni did not technically have access to Tyndale’s institutional subscription to JSTOR Journal Database, the leading provider of …

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  • 30 Theses

    30 Theses A word from our President, Dr. Merkle Thinking Matters 30 Theses In Fifteen Minutes This short manifesto, written by the Board Members of New Saint Andrews College, casts a clear-minded vision of the full-bodied life of our students. …

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