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New Saint Andrews College

Student Life

A connected community pursuing academic excellence

Education Together

At New Saint Andrews, education happens within a tight-knit group of friends, church communities, and student clubs. Our pursuit of academic excellence means the education is rigorous.

Real community

But in our close community, it’s normal for students to receive constant encouragement from peers, upperclassman, and faculty. It’s the reason we choose community-minded housing rather than dorms, the reason our students are highly engaged in local churches, and the reason we keep enrollment limited with a low faculty to student ratio.

New Saint Andrews nurtures a connected community. Meaning you won’t get lost in the masses like other colleges.

Living in Real Community

Our thoughtful alternative to dorms

New Saint Andrews students live and mature within a greater context of real community. Students can board with church families, rent houses from community members, or live together in apartments. We consciously chose a different path from the dorm model, because we believe young men and women should gain stature and independence in a setting that reflects real life after college.

Professors don’t just instruct students, they mentor them.

10:1 student/faculty ratio

Mentors for life

You will hear our students say they do not take classes, they take professors—students and faculty develop close academic relationships. The same is true for personal relationships between faculty and students, because at New Saint Andrews, we intentionally keep our student to faculty ratio small. Maintaining a connected and supportive community is a high priority for the college.

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Clubs & Activities

Astronomy Club

The Palouse offers opportunities for amazing nocturnal views of the stars. We know from Psalm 19 that “the heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork,” yet often enough, we may not take enough time to ponder how outer space manifests that glory. The Astronomy Club meetings consist of lessons on a wide variety of astronomical subjects, inviting opportunity for group discussion, research, and exploration. In addition to this, members are given regular occasions to stargaze with telescopes and binoculars, allowing them to put their knowledge into practice.

Civics Club

Civics Club serves as a segue between college life and civic life. At our meetings, we seek to understand how local government functions. What is the difference between city and county government? What can you do in your community to make a difference? At NSA’s Civics Club, we explore various answers to these questions. Join us and discover how you can be a leader who shapes civic culture under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Students for the Relief of the Oppressed

In conjunction with local Trinity Reformed Church, New Saint Andrews students have been raising money and awareness for the oppressed church in the states and abroad. Their fundraising includes charity races, community services, balls, and dinners. You can find out more about Students for the Relief of the Oppressed on their official Facebook page.

Life Beyond College

Life Beyond College is a student-organized series of workshops that teaches essential professional skills that go beyond the NSA education. We plan to equip NSA students with tools that allow them to hit the ground running after graduation, and most importantly, to begin thinking beyond college before it’s too late.

Men’s Rugby

Rugby is a long held tradition at New Saint Andrews College. Dr. Tim Edwards, our dean from Oxford, coaches the Jerusalem Sevens every fall. An annual custom is the pumpkin rugby match, where teams celebrate the spirit of fall and the Reformation by using pumpkins instead of rugby balls. To get more information on rugby, you can contact us directly.

Women’s Volleyball

Winter is volleyball season for the women of New Saint Andrews College. Coached by fellow students, volleyball is a regular social event for the college to come and watch the games and the final tournament. To get more information on volleyball, you can contact us directly.

Co-ed Soccer

Soccer happens every spring. Both guys and girls are split into four teams and each participates in a school wide tournament. Contact us directly for more information on soccer.

Fall Carnival

New Saint Andrews students put on the annual Fall Carnival as a way to bless the community and families of Moscow. Food is provided, and there are booth games, face-painting, and a costume competitions.