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Policies & Procedures

Below you will find New Saint Andrews student handbook and policy manuals for undergraduate and graduate students, along with our grievance policy.

If you have any questions or need further assistance please email or call (208) 882-1566.

While it is common to describe degree requirements in terms of credits hours earned (e.g., the A.A. degree=64 credits; the credits), we believe that knowledge and the educational process must be understood as much more than units of “time served.” Our graduates may accumulate credit hours but, more importantly, they should demonstrate proficiency in the classical liberal arts, grasp the integrated nature of knowledge and the created order, and experience personal growth in wisdom and maturity as Christian scholars and citizens.

In order to determine the appropriate amount of credit hours assigned to each course, the Dean takes into account the amount of time spent by students in lecture, in recitation, in labs, in choir practice, on field trips, etc., and the type of class being evaluated. Generally speaking, each credit hour corresponds to at least one hour of direct instruction and a minimum of 2 hours of additional student work each week.