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Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Culture

Education was always meant to create free, robust, leading men and women.

President Ben Merkle

New Saint Andrews combines a clear and principled voice on social issues, unwavering biblical convictions, and a dedication to academic excellence, in order to create the kind of leaders our culture desperately needs. Our low student to faculty ratio creates close, dialogue-driven classes. Along with our academically rigorous, single-focus major, we deliver on our mission to make students courageous, capable, wise leaders.


We will not long preserve the gospel without the languages.

Martin Luther


Seeking to revitalize the western languages, New Saint Andrews has some of the most unique undergraduate language study in the world. By teaching students to speak and compose in classical languages, we increase the ease of beginning a language and heighten language mastery as well. While language study aids us in almost every academic discipline, most importantly, it gives us greater insight into God’s word. It also gives us greater insight into our own culture, since Greek, Latin, and Hebrew were all formative languages in Western Christendom.

Study everything. Later, you will see that nothing is superfluous.

Hugh of Saint Victor


A broad spectrum of subjects exists under the umbrella of humanities. These subjects comprise the fabric of culture and society, and students gain a meta-narrative of humanity’s most significant ideas and their culturally shaping effects. Students get to know the thinkers behind the theories and their contexts. Our college recognizes these thinkers as cultural leaders, and seeks to build upon their work.

To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me.

Isaac Newton

Science & Math

Science and math are studied from both a macro and a micro perspective. The historical developments of each subject are covered with special attention given to the philosophy and epistemology behind the subjects. The logical foundations of math and the shaping of scientific theories, as well as the relationship between physics and metaphysics, give students a wide-angle vision to understand the nature of both subjects.

There is no knowing that does not begin with knowing God.

John Calvin


As queen of the sciences, theology provides the bookends for the undergraduate program: students take theology freshman and senior years. At New Saint Andrews, we recognize theology as the lodestar of all education—it orients every subject and class. Following the reformed tradition, we study theology’s two-fold foundation: the doctrines of God and scripture.

Sing unto him a new song; play skilfully with a loud noise.

Psalm 33:3


The Conservatory of Music at New Saint Andrews College works to serve the local community while equipping NSA graduates to gain knowledge and understanding of musical theory and vocal technique.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom.

Proverbs 4:7


The liberal arts are a collection of diverse and time tested subjects which develop creative and critical thinkers. New Saint Andrews continually mines the riches of the liberal arts tradition and refines the curriculum for contemporary life and work. The studies are integrated and interdisciplinary which not only creates more robust, adaptable minds but is true everyday living.

Leaders in Careers with Skill

High-achieving professionals are leaders in our culture. Although it is not our sole purpose, New Saint Andrews seeks to graduate students prepared for careers. The single-focus major creates critical, creative, and versatile minds. As full, four-year liberal arts programs are rapidly disappearing, it is no surprise the workforce is more desperate than ever for graduates with liberal arts skills. The workforce needs people who can understand the big picture while comprehending the details; who can synthesize the various parts of a project that seem disparate; who can learn and perform their tasks well while leading with joy and confidence.

Leaders in Culture with Wisdom

Wisdom and courage are essential to leadership. New Saint Andrews has long held a principled and clear voice, championing the truth of God’s word and ways, while so many other colleges veer into softness and secularism. We are committed to continuing this legacy in our students through our curriculum, community, and close faculty-student relationships. While pursuing academic excellence, we maintain a culture of spiritual devotion and gratitude toward Jesus Christ.

91% of employers say critical thinking and communication is more important than the name of your degree.

The Association of American Colleges and Universities

Four Year Map

At New Saint Andrews, an academic year is comprised of four, quarter terms. In the first year, all freshmen students take the same foundational courses. As students progress into upperclassman, they are able to take a greater number of electives and can lean into disciplines of their choice. All graduates finish by completing a senior thesis.

Year 1


Freshman Theology

Classical Rhetoric


Year 2

History and Historiography


Classical Language (Latin, Greek, Hebrew, or Middle English)


Year 3

Natural History or Physics

Political and Economic Philosophy


Classical Language (Latin, Greek, Hebrew, or Middle English)

Year 4

Mathematics and Western Culture


Senior Theology

Senior Thesis

Undergraduate Catalog

Download the 2024-2025 academic catalog to view all undergraduate courses.