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July 10, 2024

Alumni Faculty

New Saint Andrews College is pleased to have two alumni returning to NSA as faculty this fall—Cade Marcotte (BA 2017) and Carter Ehnis (BA 2022). 

Cade Marcotte will join as a Fellow of Natural Philosophy and teach a Physics course. After being in the Army and graduating from NSA, he got an MA in Philosophy from Western Michigan University, an MA in History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine from Indiana University, and he is currently finishing his PhD at Indiana. His area of interest is in the Philosophy of Physics. He and his wife Sarah will be moving to Moscow with their seven children. We are excited to welcome the Marcotte family.

Carter Ehnis will join the faculty as a Lecturer of Languages and teach Greek and Latin. After receiving his BA at NSA he promptly finished his MA as well. He is now working on an MA in Descriptive Linguistics from the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics. His main research focuses on formal linguistic theory for both phonology and syntax. Please welcome Carter Ehnis.