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January 18, 2023

Freshman Life At New Saint Andrews College

What does the first year at New Saint Andrews College look like? Watch NSA Freshmen Silas and Keagan talk about their daily experiences in the first year. Follow these students through their day-to-day lives at the college: classes with professors, dinners with faculty and students, and various community activities. See how NSA education happens within a tight-knit group of friends, church communities, and student clubs.

New Saint Andrews College pursues academic excellence, which means our program is rigorous. People often ask us, "What does college life look like without dorms? How much time do students spend studying or engaged with the community?" In this video see how we encourage our students to be mature men and women in college, so they are well-prepared for life after college.

Freshman life at NSA is robust, challenging, and lots of fun. See NSA through the eyes of these two freshmen.