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July 29, 2022

Introducing the Forney Scholarship

What’s the top concern of pretty much every student about to enter higher ed?

Paying for it.

That’s why a big focus of NSA is keeping college affordable and developing more scholarships.

Today we are pleased to announce the beginning of the Forney Scholarship, a $5,000 annual award (renewable for up to four years) to provide support to deserving New Saint Andrews students who are pursuing their studies on a full-time basis and have demonstrated a financial need. To receive the award, students must be in good academic standing (based on the applicant’s academic record), have strong standardized test scores, strong Christian character, a positive pastoral evaluation, and a record of church and community service.

Regarding the scholarship, Dr. Merkle added, “We are eager to grow these scholarships. This is the first one to be funded out of our endowment, and our goal is to create more sustainable financial support to help the best and brightest Christian students out there.”

The Forney scholarship is made possible by a gift from Craig and Barbara Forney.

“Barbara and I are delighted to be able to endow this scholarship. We understand the value of a classical Christian education and are excited to support New Saint Andrews in developing the next generation of leaders for the church and the country. Our hope is that by endowing this scholarship we can make a liberal arts education more affordable and a platform for further professional education.” – Craig Forney

To apply for the Forney Scholarship, fill out a CSS profile here and use the code 3855 or search New Saint Andrews by name.

If you would like to help the college develop more scholarships, please contact us.