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March 29, 2023

Learn to Laugh at Lies

In the modern world, lies are the very air we breathe. There are lies about transgenderism, abortion, evolution, egalitarianism, and the list goes on. Everywhere we turn, there are lies. This makes it hard for us to keep our eyes focused on reality. We live in a world of fog and shadows. 

The task is not just to point out all the lies around us—although that is important work—our task is to love truth. 

The problem is lies do not only come from society around us; lies come from our own hearts. The truth is, we are, by nature, lovers of lies. We like the darkness because our hearts are dark. We are part of the problem in society. 

The only thing that can fix us is new hearts. We need a surgeon who can remove our dark hearts and give us fresh hearts that love the light. Only the truth can set us free to break through the culture of lies. 

Loving the truth means knowing and loving God first. It means loving Him with heart, soul, mind, and body. It means everything we do must come under His authority and His word. There is no second of our lives that can be thought of as our own. Every word, every action, and every thought will be judged by our Heavenly Father. We must live in that truth. 

Truth is not something we can pursue half-heartedly; it requires all of us.

Truth is the universal, unchanging standard that was the same for Moses, Elijah, Peter, Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, and Milton. Truth is permanent and solid. It doesn’t shift to the left or move to the right. But the key is to realize that truth is not a set of rules or impersonal principles. It is a person. Jesus is Truth. 

This means that loving the truth is the greatest adventure we can pursue. It means following Jesus. It means courage and boldness; it means hard work and long hours. Truth is not something we can pursue half-heartedly; it requires all of us.

At New Saint Andrews College, we love the truth. We laugh at the lies around us. Lying is nothing new; it is as old as the dragon in the garden. We laugh and mock at lies because lies can’t stand the test of time. Only the truth will last. Because even when they tried to kill Him, the truth didn’t stay dead. The truth can’t be stopped. This is why we study the great books of the past. We see there the truth–solid, real, and unwavering, a juggernaut, unstoppable. 

We want to live and study and love in the light of the truth. This is the only way to cut through the foggy lies of our day: loving the truth with all that we are. Come laugh at lies with us. Come learn to love truth.