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September 5, 2022

Meet Big Ed

Big Ed is America’s bloated education system built on government money. Big Ed’s agenda starts in grade school and culminates when students emerge from college compliant and utterly committed to Marxist revolutionary philosophies. Big Ed shares many characteristics with corporate monoliths like Big Tech and Big Pharma. Big Ed is not interested in serving students and families but in serving itself. Big Ed has indoctrinated the past few generations of American children and the results are devastating. Big Ed’s corrupt business model is causing many to question the point of higher education.

So what should we do about Big Ed?

First, don’t opt-in. The key is to see through the facade of “free stuff” that Big Ed offers. There are darker ideas at work. Big Ed fundamentally undermines Biblical truth and grooms the rising generation in doubt and unbelief. This training forces students to be compliant, conformist, and afraid. Wear the mask, get the shot, don’t think for yourself, do what we tell you — or else.

Second, we need to recover and rebuild education at every level. We cannot and should not stick our heads in the sand. Teach your children the truth of the Gospel. Stand on the Lord’s promises. Find a good school or curriculum that is committed to Jesus Christ. Don’t merely cancel higher ed. Find a college whose foundation is built solidly on God’s word. Seek out schools that understand the dangers of Big Ed and are committed to rebuilding amidst the rubble.

At New Saint Andrews College we refuse the Big Ed business model that has trapped so many students, families, and institutions. Instead, we offer an education that frees people. 

We start with God’s word which teaches that students are people created in the image of God. Students are made to rule the world as free men and women. Our goal is to give students the tools to accomplish this task to the glory of God. And all of this is founded on the good news of the Gospel in Jesus Christ. Only those who know the freedom of the gospel can be free in this world.  

The tools we offer are time tested resources that apply to any calling. We offer logic and language, hard work and joyful courage, old books and godly professors. Knowing how to think clearly is key when everyone else is confused. Knowing how to speak is pivotal when everyone else is silent. Having the courage to stand is essential when everyone else is afraid. These are the tools that everyone needs: men and women, mothers and fathers, businessmen and mechanics, secretaries and athletes.

With these tools in hand students will be prepared to fight back the confusion that Big Ed is forcing on our world. The task before us can only be accomplished with the true wisdom found in joyful submission to God’s word.