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February 1, 2023

NSA Welcomes Dr. David Talcott For Fall 2023

New Saint Andrews College welcomes Dr. David Talcott to the faculty for fall 2023. He will join us as a Fellow of Philosophy and the Graduate Dean for the college. Dr. Talcott earned his Ph.D. in philosophy from Indiana University—Bloomington after majoring in philosophy at Hillsdale College.

In a brief interview, Dr. Talcott said he has great admiration for NSA’s mission, “The curriculum is exceptional. The level of community integration and personal care is remarkable. Renewal in our age requires exactly what NSA is doing. NSA's sturdy backbone during times of radical cultural shift shows other institutions the way forward. I look forward to teaching philosophy as part of this great enterprise.”

Dr. Talcott commented that his wife was born in Spokane and that the Talcott family was originally from Great Falls, MT. “We are looking forward to a return to the Pacific Northwest, where we've both visited for many years but never lived as adults.”

Dr. Talcott described the gifts that he is bringing to the college, “I hope that I will bring a very complementary set of ideas and experiences that will strengthen and build on the great things already happening at NSA. As far as I can tell, I do the kind of stuff that you do, and things will be even better doing it together.”

Dr. Talcott added, “We love music (my wife was a music major at Hillsdale), we love the Reformed faith, we love people, we love to read, we love french press coffee, we love the history of philosophy (I do, at least!), and we're looking forward to small-town life.”

The NSA Faculty have an annual croquet competition hosted by President Merkle. When asked how he would fare in the competition, Dr. Talcott said, “I have zero croquet skills, though I am generally physically fit and up for a challenge. Do you think I'll play better if I wear a Yankees cap?”

Dr. Talcott completed his dissertation on Plato and focuses on the development of Plato’s metaphysical and religious views from the early dialogues through the Republic. He regularly teaches courses in ethics and ancient philosophy and has a forthcoming book on Plato with P&R Publishing. His ongoing work focuses on Plato and on philosophical issues related to human sexuality. He is convinced that the study of the classic works of Western philosophy can enrich our understanding of today’s world.

Dr. Talcott was the lecturer for The New Saint Andrews Lectureship series 2021-2022.

David’s writing has appeared in USA Today, First Things online, Public Discourse, Eikon: A Journal of Biblical Anthropology, Religious Studies Review, and other venues. He has presented papers at various conferences, including meetings of the Society of Christian Philosophers, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, and the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy.

David and his wife, Anna, have six children. 

Welcome to NSA, Dr. Talcott!