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April 10, 2023

NSA Welcomes Dr. Rigney To Faculty

New Saint Andrews College is pleased to announce that Dr. Joe Rigney will be joining the faculty as a Fellow of Theology.

He is a seasoned pastor and scholar. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Chester. Dr. Rigney was most recently the President of Bethlehem College and Seminary, where he was associate professor of Theology and Literature. 

He has authored five books, including, Live Like a NarnianThe Things of Earth, and Lewis on the Christian Life. He has been around Moscow before, having earned his MSt from NSA in 2014. Dr. Rigney was subsequently awarded The Pierre Viret Honors Prize as an exemplary NSA graduate and has become a frequent guest speaker.

Dr. Rigney is a teacher who is passionate about sharing the things he loves. He loves to teach classes on C.S. Lewis, Shakespeare, English literature, political philosophy, Jonathan Edwards, medieval theology, and literature. 

He has been a pastor at Cities Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, has written several articles for Desiring God, and has also spoken at several conferences around the country. He is a leader in the classical Christian education movement, serving on the board of directors for the Association of Classical Christian Schools. 

Dr. Rigney writes, “For years, my family has been deeply shaped by the family of ministries in Moscow. As an alumnus of New Saint Andrews, I know firsthand the remarkable education that this school offers. That’s why it’s a tremendous honor to join this faculty in their labor to produce leaders who shape culture and live faithfully under the Lordship of Christ."

Dr. Rigney, his wife Jenny, and their three sons will be moving to Moscow this summer. He will be teaching one section of NSA’s freshman theology colloquia and several other electives and single-term courses. Dr. Rigney will also be taking a part-time position on the staff of Christ Church. 

We look forward to welcoming the Rigney family to Moscow. And we pray for Bethlehem College and Seminary as they begin to search for Dr. Rigney’s successor.