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November 29, 2023

Resources for Student Housing

“As I was moving from a different country, I was a little worried about where I was going to find housing,” Isabel said. “But after I signed up for the bi-weekly email list, I found a lovely loft apartment.” Isabel was explaining how she found a place to rent when she first attended New Saint Andrews College. She was raised in Mexico City and though she misses it, Moscow has become her new home. Isabel is currently a Junior at NSA. She also works as a student recruiter for the college, and she helps new students with navigating housing options in Moscow, Idaho. 

It might be surprising to find out that there are no dormitories at NSA. The college made this decision for several reasons, including the fact that it encourages students to grow up and live as adults. In implementing this plan, the college does not leave students alone to find a place to live. On the contrary, college recruiters, like Isabel, offer incoming students resources and aids to ensure that students find a good place to land.

One excellent resource is the bi-weekly email list, where students can find various rental options and connect with other students.

Isabel used that resource to find her first place to rent with a church family that had been renting to female students for about twenty years. She said, “I shared the apartment with a friend of mine and another NSA student. It was such a wonderful time, and the three of us quickly became close friends! We tried to keep our house full of hosting and studying unto the glory of God.”

The NSA recruitment team features Isabel, Belle, Nate, and Caleb, all great resources for students looking for a solid place to live. These recruiters have either graduated from NSA or are currently students at NSA, so they will share their first-hand knowledge about various options for living arrangements in Moscow. 

"My housing situation was an amazing godsend when I was a Freshman!” Caleb, one of the recruiters, shared some of his rental experience. “I moved into a house with four other upperclassmen and one other Freshman student, and those guys showed me the ropes that year. They gave me rides to church, helped me cook meals, taught me the importance of consistent study, and so much more.”

Caleb said, “The authentic nature of real-world living in the context of a joyful Christian community was truly one of the best parts of NSA for me."

These four recruiters are friendly folks ready to help students find the right place to live. 

"NSA Administration helps connect new students looking for housing with other students who already have a housing option or local renters in the area,” Caleb explained. “While the onus is still on the student to find housing, NSA plays the role of connecting students with good housing options in the local community.”

How much does it usually cost to live in Moscow, Idaho? A quick Google search for rental spaces can reveal numbers that might seem challenging: apartment units are listed from $550/mo up to $1500/mo. However, students often find other classmates to room with and split rental expenses. Students find roommates through the college message system or with recruiter help. Sharing a rental makes renting in Moscow a very affordable situation for students.

Most NSA students have roommates, meaning they can rent a place for about $300/mo.   

Living with classmates is helpful in many ways. It can help students new to town learn how to navigate school life and establish good habits. Often, these shared rentals have both freshman students and upperclassmen. It also helps with sharing utilities like electric bills and internet bills. It also helps with grocery bills. Some roommates set up a cooking rotation where each student takes turns cooking a meal once weekly. Other roommates will organize a weekly Sabbath dinner to build fellowship and friendship. 

Another option is living with families from the Christian community. Some families open their homes allowing students to live with them for a decent rate, sometimes including a homemade meal or two. Renting from a family is a crucial way for students to connect better with the church community. 

Each student has a unique background, but NSA wants to help students find the right place to live while studying at the college. The reality is that students at NSA enjoy living independently outside the college because it requires them to live as an adult. The college seeks to encourage students to live in a mature and Christian way. The college has several essential resources to help students thrive during their years at college.