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October 4, 2022

Saving Culture

by Restoring The Liberal Arts

When you consider the data, read the surveys, talk to students, watch videos from the classroom, or just stroll through the local university campus, you see and feel that the higher ed ecosystem is in decline. Financially, nearly one third of all colleges and universities are in bad shape and perhaps many more are in the midst of a serious identity crisis. Left leaning organizations—like Georgetown’s Center for Education and the Workforce—view higher ed as a basic human right and advocate for taxpayer-funded postsecondary education.

To many on the right, like PragerU, higher ed is just a scam and more people should go to a trade school instead. And almost every major school has allowed its core or liberal arts education to become thoroughly anti-West. Many of the problems in higher ed are a direct result of colleges and universities severing themselves from their roots. Higher ed has been taken over by forces that propagate fear, hostility to truth, and revolution more than focusing on providing academic freedom and the best possible education.

So, let’s do a little state-of-the-union address, talk about why these problems have occurred, and explore what can be done to pull the world of higher education back from the brink. As we do, let us also be clear that we believe American higher ed has been one of the more vital aspects of our society for many generations. It is consequently important that we investigate how to rebuild it and reform it. And this means that we must not take the hard questions off the table....

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