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January 17, 2023

Thank You To Dr. Edwards

New Saint Andrews College would like to extend a big thank you to Dr. Tim Edwards for his years of service to the college. Dr. Edwards has given NSA a full decade, initially teaching for a term in 2013 and taking a full-time position with the college in 2014. His work and labor on behalf of the college have been significant and we appreciate it very much. 

This coming summer, Dr. Edwards and his wife Anna will be returning home to England to be closer to children and parents. Dr. Edwards will be working to launch a new college in England, continuing on his labor (or is it now a labour?) in advancing the cause of the Christian liberal arts tradition. We knew that sooner or later, England would summon them back. And now here we are. We wish the Edwards all the best in their return home and in this next adventure.

We wanted to highlight a number of his accomplishments at NSA. Since his first arrival at NSA, Dr. Edwards has taught the Senior Theology colloquium and all the Hebrew courses. Within two years of beginning at NSA, he was promoted to the Academic Dean. He was instrumental in reconfiguring our MA into the Masters of Theology and Letters program. He served as a Teaching Elder at Christ Church, filling the Moscow pulpit on a number of occasions. 

Please join us in offering a big thank you to Dr. Edwards and his family. They will be missed.