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History Trip

Spots still open to the public to join the trip!

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Join a daylong tour of the history of our region, organized by New Saint Andrews College and led by the college’s Senior Fellow of History, Christopher Schlect. Dr. Schlect is an experienced guide and interpreter of the region’s cultural and historicalsites. Attendees will travel on a comfortable chartered bus and visit sites that cover a timeframe spanning thousands of years of human history. The tour will focus on the 19th century contact between white Americans and the indigenous Nimiipuu people who have inhabited the inland northwest since before human memory. We will review Lewis and Clark, the Spalding Mission, treaties made and broken, the outbreak of the bitter Nez Perce War of 1877, and the McBeth mission. Here is a sample of what attendees will experience on this tour:

Walk the site of the first organized church in Idaho, and the first printing press and the first irrigated fields west of the Rocky Mountains.Hear legends from time immemorial, tied to specific geological formations along the Clearwater River.See manmade objects older than Egypt’s pyramids, and consider what they tell us about the cultures that produced them.Walk the most important battlefield in the Pacific Northwest, where the United States Army suffered one of its last humiliating defeats in the American West, and follow a detailed recounting of the battle.See the physical and material remains of one of the most successful and controversial Christian missionary projects in the American West, and ponder what lessons it teaches about cross-cultural encounters.Look out over some of Idaho’s most breathtaking vistas.All sites will be individually explained by a professional interpreter who will also draw out their interconnections and relate them in a coherent story about the United States.Learn why events that occurred in Idaho warrant our serious attention—not merely as local lore, but as part of a larger story of the United States and of world civilization.Ride comfortably on a chartered bus.

WHEN? We are planning to run this tour on Wednesday, April 10. The tour runs for a long day—from 5:00 am to around 9:30 pm. COST: $95.00; space is limited; payment secures your reservation

To RESERVE YOUR SPOT or for MORE INFORMATION, contact Brenda Schlect at Participants will receive more details prior to the trip.