Tuition and Fees

New Saint Andrews is one of the least expensive private colleges in the country. The College’s tuition is less than half of the average private college tuition and it allows freshmen to lock in future tuition payments at their first-year rate. To preserve its religious freedom New Saint Andrews does not participate in the Federal Student Aid program, but the College does offer a variety of scholarships and grants.

Our Tuition Is Among The Lowest In North America



Tuition: $14,500*

Room and Board: ~$4,000

Books & Supplies: ~$1,400

Total $19,900

* For advanced payment, payment plans also available


For students entering Fall 2022

$605 per credit

($9,680 per year)

Returning Students continue to pay the tuition rate in effect when they entered

Certificate of Music

$5,000 per year

(+ $14,500* for BA undergrad)

Tuition Lock and Refunds

Undergraduate Tuition Lock: $1000

At a minimum, Tuition Lock Program participants are assured of tuition savings at least equal to the amount of the Lock Fee over four years, with potential savings of up to three times the Lock Fee.


Only freshman in their entering year are eligible. To lock in a fixed rate, students pay a non-refundable fee in full with their first tuition payment at the beginning of the academic year (fall) or by the College’s first billing in January. The amount of the fee is based on 80% of the projected tuition savings for the sophomore (2nd year) and junior (3rd year) years as determined by the College according to its revenue projection plan. If the student waits to lock until the January deadline, a “late lock” charge of an extra 10% will be added to the published Lock Fee.

Tuition Savings

At a minimum, Tuition Lock Program participants are assured of tuition savings at least equal to the amount of the lock fee by the end of their senior year (4th year). Likewise, a cap is placed on the amount of tuition savings that can be realized through the program. If the cumulative tuition savings in the participant’s 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years more than triples the amount of the student’s paid lock fee, a Tuition Adjustment Fee may be applied for the tuition savings amount that exceeds the cap in the fourth and fifth years.

Tuition Lock Fee is not refundable

The Tuition Lock Fee is non-refundable. Students who leave the College leave the Tuition Lock Program. If they re-enroll at a later date, they will be responsible for paying the full published tuition rate current at the time of their (re-) enrollment.

Allowance for Retaining Lock During an Extended Absence

The Tuition Lock Program gives students five years to complete their degree. In extending the program one year beyond the typical four-year degree program, the College assumes five continuous years of enrollment. However, circumstances occasionally prevent a student from finishing a degree without interruption. If a student desires to take a one-year absence from classes with the intention of returning, they may do so within the five –year period of the Lock Program. To exercise this allowance, they must:

These payments are non-refundable and will apply directly to the tuition for the year following the sabbatical year. This allowance can only be applied to one year of absence for each student.

Other Rates and Fees

Part-Time Tuition beginning in Fall of 2020 and later: $585 Per Credit

Returning students will continue to pay at the part-time tuition rate in effect when they entered.

Due in full the first day of each term.

Undergraduate Part-Time Fee: $585 per credit

Undergraduate Auditor’s Fee: $585 per 2 credit course

Graduate Part-Time Fee: $585 per credit

Graduate Auditor’s Fee: $585 per 2 credit course

Due in full the first day of each term.

Undergraduate Overload Fee

$585 per 2 credit course

Drop Add Fee: $10

In order to drop or withdraw from a course, the student must submit a completed Drop/Add form to the Registrar, along with the required fee. A student may drop a course in the first two weeks of a term. Dropping a course removes a student’s record of enrollment for that course. A student may withdraw from a course in the third, fourth, or fifth week of a term, but these withdrawals will be indicated on the student’s transcript with a “W” posted for each withdrawn course. Students may not withdraw from a course after Friday of the fifth week of a term without the permission of the Dean, and may be subject to a fee.

Late Fee: $50

This fee is charged to all payments that are more than three business days late. A service charge of 1.5 percent per month will be charged on all past due accounts.

Diploma Fee: $50

This helps cover expenses for your diploma and commencement.

Robe Fee: $160

These robes are required for both graduate and undergraduate students (except freshmen).