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General Fund

Investment into our General Fund directly impacts daily operations and our annual operational budget. Donations to this fund help provide an immediate impact and stability to the regular cash flow of the college. A healthy general fund allows flexibility and efficiency in meeting the needs of the college.

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Scholarship Fund

From our founding, New Saint Andrews College has never accepted one penny of government funding from any level, whether Pell Grants, guaranteed student loans, or the recent Paycheck Protection Program. We value freedom and the pursuit of an education that pleases and glorifies God. We also do not want to saddle our students with enslaving debt. Though we have one of the lowest private tuition rates in the nation, many students desiring to enroll need financial help. The purpose of our Scholarship Fund is to meet their needs. Our current goal is to raise $750,000 which funds scholarships for two years. This enables us to commit to our students beyond an initial year. Recurring monthly donations are the lifeline of this fund. Your generosity ensures that every qualified student desiring to attend NSA is able to do so.

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Capital Fund

New Saint Andrews College has been blessed with recent and unprecedented growth. In order to sustain this growth and reach our long-term goals, we will need to maintain and grow our capital investment in both our South and North Campus buildings. Donations to our Capital Fund are used strictly for capital projects and investments, such as, the renovation of our current building and the transformation of the former 1904 Elks Lodge from a nightclub to our new anchor building on North Main Street. Capital projects also include necessary improvements to current facilities from restrooms to classroom space and the important acquisition of assets for the archives section of Tyndale Library, improving our students’ ability to research directly in historical primary sources.

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Endowment Fund

Recently, New Saint Andrews formed an endowment committee and adopted policies and procedures for establishing an endowment. Endowments are funds set aside primarily for establishing long-term institutional and financial stability. A robust endowment fund allows a college to withstand uncertain times in much the same way that Joseph led Egypt through the ancient famine. Endowments can fund capital projects, faculty positions, scholarships and various programs throughout the college.

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