Hello, Dante. Meet Your Virgil

Get out of the Inferno of ignorance

As educators, administrators, and education enthusiasts, the liberal arts tradition can feel like a vast forest; we get lost in the many works and thinkers, only recognizing a couple of trees. We feel like Dante, “in a dark wood, where the direct way was lost.” If that's you, meet your Virgil

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Meet your Virgil.

An online, interactive course on the history of classical and Christian education

The History of Classical and Christian Education course is taught by Dr. Chris Schelct, a leading scholar in the field. After decades of studying the essential texts, thinkers and theories of the liberal arts, he’s distilled that knowledge into a single course. You’re invited to take the journey, and get the big-picture idea behind the origins and development of classical and Christian education.


Live Q&A with Dr. Schlect

How did the classical tradition and Christianity meld? Who were the key players? What mistakes are we making in today's education movements? Join us on August 11 at 9:30 a.m. PST to get answers to these questions in a Q and A with Dr. Schlect. During this upcoming video call, Dr. Schlect will be fielding questions about the history of education and about The History of Classical and Christian Education course.

Did Dorothy

Get It Wrong?

Did modern classical education start off on the wrong foot? Some think Dorothy Sayers botched the true vision of classical education, and we've been off course ever since.

In this webinar, Dr. Schlect measures Dorothy and her detractors against the historical sources to see who comes out on top.

The webinar is over, but you can still watch it on the right.

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Know the


It’s difficult to guide others if you don’t know where you are going. Instead of having academic tunnel vision—knowing only a handful of works in isolation—you’ll be able to locate texts and thinkers within the forest of the liberal arts.

Beat the Inferno


Together with like-minded students, you’ll be directed by one of the movement’s leading scholars. Dr. Chris Schlect’s work was not only crucial in the early stages of classical Christian education’s resurgence, but he has continued to explore the tradition’s origins, development, and current-day manifestations.

Become a


Once you finish being Dante, you can be Virgil. As teachers and administrators, we’ve all felt the heat of ignorance when it comes to the Western tradition. Get the knowledge you desire to be a confident guide and leader.

From Dantes-in-Training

  • From a history teacher

    "It's A Lot of Fun"

  • From a mom

    "Now I can home-school my kids."

  • From a headmaster

    "It's rigorous but life giving."

  • From a history teacher

    "I have met all the people who are crazy in the same way that I am."

  • From a history teacher

    "I learned that the point of education is to glorify God."

  • From a mom

    "It's one of my favorite things I'm doing with my life."

Reading List

The Textual Landmarks Essential for Navigating the Classical Tradition

Historical Writings

  • Quintilian

    Institutio Oratoria


  • Hugh of St. Victor


  • Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini

    The Education of Boys

  • John Amos Comenius

    The Great Didactic

  • Augustine

    On Christian Teaching

  • Pier Paolo Vergerio

    The Character and Studies

    Befitting a Free-Born Youth

  • John Milton

    Of Education

  • Battista Guarino

    A Program of Teaching and Learning

  • Cassiodorus Senator

    Institutes of Divine and Secular Learning

  • Leonardo Bruni

    The Study of Literature

Contemporary Writings

  • C. Stephen Jaeger

    The Envy of Angels

    Cathedral Schools and Social Ideals in Medieval Europe, 950-1200

  • Kevin Clark & Ravi Jain

    The Liberal Arts Tradition

    A Paradigm for Classical Learning

  • Douglas Wilson

    The Case for Classical and Christian Education

  • Dorothy Sayers

    The Lost Tools of Learning

  • Robert Littlejohn & Charles T. Evans

    Wisdom and Eloquence

    A Christian Paradigm for Classical Learning


Meet your Virgil

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A two-credit graduate-level course. Interactive online classes.

From September 14,2020 - April 16, 2021

Registration ends September 1

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Get out of the Inferno of ignorance

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Quick Facts

Cost and Credit

Tuition is $1,000 per student, due at the beginning of the course. Students who successfully complete this course will earn two graduate credits from New Saint Andrews College.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must document both their Christian commitment and sufficient academic preparation for graduate-level course. This includes the following:

About the Instructor

Christopher Schlect, PhD, has worked in classical and Christian education for about 30 years. As Senior Fellow of History at New Saint Andrews College, he teaches courses in classical rhetoric, education, and history. He is the director of the College’s graduate program in classical and Christian studies. For many years Dr. Schlect taught history, theology, and rhetoric at Logos School in Moscow, Idaho, where he also coached Logos’s Mock Trial team to seventeen state championships. He serves classical and Christian schools around the country through his consulting and teacher training activities.


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