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Our Campus

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Downtown Moscow is our campus

The College is located at the center of Moscow, Idaho, with classrooms, faculty offices, student services, administrative offices and the 50,000-volume Tyndale Library housed in the historic Skattaboe Block building on Main Street’s Friendship Square on Main Street. A refurbished downtown theatre serves as the College’s auditorium and downtown coffee shops serve as study halls and student union buildings. The athletic club across the street offers student memberships, area churches house choir performances and city parks make for athletic fields. In a very real sense, the community is our campus. Students are encouraged to live and to work as responsible members of the local community. As a result, the College offers no on-campus housing or food services. Many students board with Christian families in the community or live in apartments in or close to downtown. Students are encouraged to patronize local businesses and interact regularly with others in the community.

A Christian community of accountability and encouragement

The Moscow-Pullman area has as many college students as there are year-round residents. Couple that with many large Christian churches in the area and you have the makings for lively debates and a diversity of opinions. It’s a great place to gain a classical Christian liberal arts education, soak in the sweet fellowship of living in community with like-minded believers, and practice in engaging, shaping and creating culture. Students are required to attend a local Christian church while enrolled at New Saint Andrews. There are many to choose from, but most attend either Christ Church or Trinity Reformed Church. The students are a blessing to these churches, and the churches are a blessing to them. Families invite students into their homes and many board students during their years in Moscow. All that makes for an environment of healthy accountability and encouragement for students far from home.