Staggering Facts of Classical, Christian College

A College Webinar for Classically Educated Students

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The “How to Succeed” Handbook for Christians Entering College (Monday, May 25th, 3:00 PM)

President Merkle and Rob Sentz reveal the connections between Christian education, the liberal arts curriculum, the scams of colleges, and success in the workforce. While these seem like separate issues, they are actually tied to one another. So having a fulfilling life and career isn’t separate from the kind of college or education you choose.

You will learn:

  • The purpose and meaning of education
  • Why classical college is not high school 2.0
  • The scams of college
  • Liberal arts skills in the workforce
  • The current evolutions in the workforce

Rob Sentz

Rob Sentz is the chief innovation officer at Emsi, where he leads in furthering Emsi’s vision and research around labor market data and analytics for higher education, economic development, workforce development, and talent acquisition.

  • Chief Innovation Officer at Emsi
  • Uncovers the hidden facts for college students entering the workforce
  • Regular speaker at higher education and economics conferences
  • Labor Market Data researcher for higher education

Ben Merkle

Fellow of Theology Dr. Ben Merkle is the college’s second president and previously served as the undergraduate dean. His passion for creating the highest quality of education for today’s Christians had made him a regular speaker at schools around the United States. He holds a D.Phil. and an M.St. in Jewish Studies from Oxford University, England.

  • President, Fellow of Theology at New Saint Andrews College
  • Insider in the College world of economics and politics
  • Regular speaker at education conferences, co-ops, and schools
  • Doctorate from Oxford

Insider’s Knowledge to Make the Road to College Easy (Tuesday, May 26th, 3:00 PM)

If educators don’t know the purpose of education, they cannot educate well. Imagine a chef making food without knowing food is meant for eating! Daniel Foucachon lays out the building blocks that create a God-honoring and life-fulfilling education from k-16. Grace Hendrix, who has worked with homeschoolers entering college for years, gives insider tricks and tips on how to apply to colleges so that it’s easy.

You will learn:

  • The necessity of staying on the classical road
  • How government schools derail finishing strong
  • How the CLT builds on the classical and Christian foundation
  • Education vs degree—the differences
  • How to compile a transcript and select references
  • Standardized testing and financial planning

Daniel Foucachon

Founder of Roman Roads Press and Kepler Education, entrepreneur Daniel Foucachon’s endeavors have one common goal: to equip parents to give their children a Christian, classical education. To "inherit the Humanities" for themselves and their children.

  • Founder of Roman Roads Press and Kepler Education
  • Entrepreneur dedicated to giving parents the best classical, Christian education

Grace Hendrix

Grace Hendrix has helped homeschoolers of all kinds navigate the technicalities of college applications. After years of practice, she has drawn together the best tips and tricks to make the application process easy.

  • Seasoned Admissions Advisor working for New Saint Andrews College
  • Helps homeschoolers navigate the road to college

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