What Have You

Bekah Merkle and Rachel Jankovic are two sisters getting together for a weekly coffee date (in the car) to chat about whatever issues happen to occur to them. They cover the waterfront of topics from confessing sins to sorting the laundry to what books they’re reading at the moment. Unscripted and unfiltered, these two NSA alums invite you to join them for a chat about what have you.

What Else is New?

  • Smithsonian Acquires NSA Project for Collection

    When COVID shutdowns started, Dr. Schlect reached out to the Smithsonian museum to submit a history project his students were working on. The project, Dr. Schlect informed his students, was to: “Imagine you work for the Smithsonian’s Museum of …

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  • Introducing Little Tyndales

    After several months of collecting children’s books from local community members and installing custom shelving, I am pleased to announce the arrival of “Little Tyndales,” the new children’s section of NSA’s Tyndale Library! Home to nearly 350 …

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  • Alumni Access to JSTOR Journal Database

    Alumni Access In an article I wrote few months ago about NSA alumni services at Tyndale Library, I mentioned that alumni did not technically have access to Tyndale’s institutional subscription to JSTOR Journal Database, the leading provider of …

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  • 30 Theses

    30 Theses A word from our President, Dr. Merkle Thinking Matters 30 Theses In Fifteen Minutes This short manifesto, written by the Board Members of New Saint Andrews College, casts a clear-minded vision of the full-bodied life of our students. …

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  • Quick Facts For Undergraduates

    While our Quick Facts page is being renovated, here are some brief statistics about New Saint Andrews undergraduate students. Graduation Rates Retention Rate Five-year Freshmen-Sophomore retention rate is 89% Tuition Tuition: $13,950 Room and Board: …

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  • Tyndale Library: Ready to Serve Our Alumni

    It may have been a while since you hung up your black robe, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve resigned all the privileges of an NSA student. In fact, here at Tyndale Library, you as alumni have access to virtually the same resources and services as …

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  • Meet Derek Monjure | Director of Development and Advancement

    Why would a successful and well-established man choose to make a drastic career change and move his family 2,500 miles across the nation? Maybe fame… or fortune? If those were the draw, staying put would have been the better option. Nothing …

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  • Jarrod Richey Joins the Conservatory of Music

    Jarrod Richey joins the Conservatory of Music as director taking over for Dr. Mark Reagan who is transitioning to full-time church music work. Mr. Richey resides in Monroe, Louisiana, where he continues to teach music and choir at Geneva Academy in …

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  • 2020 Commencement with Speaker David L. Bahnsen

    “2020 is becoming a peak point for the ridiculous.” David L. Bahnsen, speaking at Commencement 2020, correctly labeled our year. Poking fun at hypocritical COVID policies and some Christian leaders, his amusing remarks on 2020 got a little more …

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  • Sin Ruckus | What Have You 119

    In which we discuss vulnerability, transparency, and spiritual fat rolls. "What Have You” subscribe below on iTunes or Google Play, or go to the “What Have You” home page at www.nsa.edu/what-have-you-podcast and see more of Bekah and Rachel’s work …

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