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Classical Christian Studies

Mature Appreciation for the Liberal Arts Starts Today


Our low-residency classical Christian studies degree will ground you in the rich classical tradition of liberal arts and humanities, equipping you to lead others in utilizing this wealth to build culture. This program looks closely at the great texts of the Western tradition to help you understand them and appreciate how they have shaped our world.

We designed our program to accommodate busy professionals, educators, church leaders, parents, and other mature students interested in cultivating a robust love for the Western tradition.

Our live, online format allows students to maintain their daily routines. Courses aren’t just recorded videos—they are live classrooms with professors and fellow students. Find a home in the college as you fellowship with a cohort and network with peers and scholars in this program. 

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Designed with busy people in mind

An Education in Western Liberal Arts

So many of us are already working professionals or busy with family. So, we decided to design a program specifically with busy people in mind.

2024-2025 Schedule

  • May 27, 2024 – Summer Term Begins
  • July 22 - 26, 2024 – Summer Residency Week
  • August 1, 2024 – App Deadline for Fall '24 Term
  • August 22, 2024 – Summer Term Ends
  • September 16, 2024 – Fall Term Begins
  • December 20, 2024 – Fall Term Ends
  • January 6, 2025 – Spring Term Begins
  • April 11, 2025 – Spring Term Ends
  • May 26, 2025 – Summer Term Begins
  • August 22, 2025 – Summer Term Ends
  • September 15, 2025 – Fall Term Begins
  • December 19, 2025 – Fall Term Ends

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In our time, it has become common to hear people doubt the value of studying the liberal arts. However, a proper foundation in the liberal arts remains the primary way to form leaders and others preparing for civic, business, church, and educational leadership. We offer such a foundation through our Classical Christian Studies graduate program. Take up the tools of culture by studying the great works of the past that built civilization, including works of history, literature, philosophy, and language. These are the elements that made classical education in the past, and these are the elements that we need to build the kingdom today.

Tools of Culture

You can’t give what you don’t have. Learn the tools that will build the kingdom: take up your sword in your hand, dig in with your shovel, and practice making culture. Learn to navigate complex texts, explore profound ideas, and formulate thoughts in a classical language.

Study with Skilled Scholars

By far, the value of our program lies in the quality of our faculty. They are experienced, classically minded, and biblically faithful. Work closely with master craftsmen as you learn how to build culture together. Work both online and in person with our low-residency program. 

The Building Plans

Read challenging authors like Aquinas and Chaucer. Gain the deeper knowledge that you need to build culture now. Hoist your shovel and get blisters on your hands. Creating a culture requires wisdom and hard work. This program propels students into a mature appreciation for the liberal arts and humanities.

All Courses

Our quality courses set us apart. Our expert faculty take a personalized approach, so you get their intelligence and face to face guidance.

Summer Residency

The summer residency is a favorite aspect of the program. It’s when all the students and faculty come together for a week of intensive courses and deep fellowship.

Degree Requirements

Requirements for the Master of Studies (MSt) Degree

Candidates for the MSt degree must pass a total of 32 credits with a minimum grade of MCH (B-), including each of the following curricular requirements:

  1. A minimum of 5 residence credits
  2. A minimum of 2 credits in Language
  3. One integrative essay (2 credits)

Requirements for the Graduate Certificate

Candidates for the Graduate Certificate must pass a total of 16 credits with a minimum grade of MCH (B-).

Join Educators In Pursuit of Knowledge

Develop a Passion for Learning

Learn the art of building culture with master craftsmen through our low-residency program that offers online and in-person classes in classical Christian studies. Hear from our program participants.


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