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Classical Christian Studies

The outcome of students depends on the quality of their education.

Our low-residency, M.St degree is designed to accommodate busy professionals by combining the flexibility of online education with the connectedness of in-person education. You’ll absorb the rich tradition of classical, Christian education while maintaining your routine life.

Educators are Blacksmiths

If education is a kind of warfare, then educators are the blacksmiths. They forge and sharpen the minds of the next generation. We wouldn’t send soldiers out with faulty armor and dull weapons. We shouldn’t do so with our students.

Apprentice under


By far, the value of our program lies in the quality of our faculty. They’re highly experienced, classically minded, and biblically faithful.

Perfect your


Most of us didn’t get a classical education, or our education wasn’t thorough enough. The CCS program smelts away the dross, and refines your knowledge. You’ll be able to trust your teaching. We can’t have shoddy knowledge, because we can’t send students out into the world with shoddy minds.

Equip your


With our MSt under your belt, you’ll have a deep confidence in your knowledge. You’ll learn how to teach, you’ll learn specific works, and you’ll learn the big-picture of the liberal arts tradition. You’ll be equipping your teachers or your students, community, and fellow teachers, with high quality education.


Our quality courses set us apart. Our expert faculty take a personalized approach, so you get their intelligence and face to face guidance.

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All fields are required. Submitting this form grants New Saint Andrews consent to possibly call, e-mail, or send you packages encouraging your application. You are not required to grant this consent for educational assistance because you can call us and talk with real advisors at 1.208.882.1566.

Our rolling enrollment means you can start the program at the beginning of any term.


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What’s Next?

When you start an application, you will receive an email saving your application and encouraging you to finalize it. An admissions advisor will also contact you to get some personalized answers and to:

  • Explain admissions requirements for essays, transcripts, and evaluations.

  • Walk through academic details and expectations.

Non-Resident Student Catalog & Handbook

Use the button below to download the 2022-2023 Non-Resident Student Catalog & Handbook


See what our students are saying about the program.

Too Beautiful A Satan?

Milton’s Satan

Does the greatest long poem in the English language portray Satan as a hero? In this sample class, Dr. Jayson Grieser, Fellow of Literature at New Saint Andrews College, walks us through a brief lesson on Milton's Satan.

Designed with busy people in mind.

A Schedule for Busy People

So many of us are already working professionals or busy with family. So we designed a program with busy people in mind.

Flexible. Personal. Communal.

The live, online format means students keep their normal lives and routines. Courses aren’t just recorded videos—they are live classrooms with professors and fellow students. The community of CCS is one of the hidden values. You network with like-minded peers and professionals.

History of CCS Photo 2022

Summer Residency

The summer residency is a favorite aspect of the program. It’s when all the students and faculty come together for a week of intensive courses and deep fellowship.

Degree Requirements

Requirements for the Master of Studies (M.St.) Degree

Candidates for the M.St. degree must pass a total of 32 credits with a minimum grade of MCH (B-), including each of the following curricular requirements:

  1. a minimum of 5 residence credits

  2. a minimum of 2 credits in Language

  3. one integrative essay (2 credits)

Requirements for the Graduate Certificate

Candidates for the Graduate Certificate must pass a total of 16 credits with a minimum grade of MCH (B-).


Frequently Asked Questions

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