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January 25, 2023

Take Up The Mantle Of Leadership

CCS Program

What if you suddenly found yourself working in a Classical Christian school, obliged to teach Dante to tenth graders? How would you prepare for that work? 

Dr. Chris Schlect, Senior Fellow of New Saint Andrews College, explains that the Master of Classical Christian Studies has been designed for this very need. 

The CCS program prepares various people to take up the mantle of leadership by giving them a disciplined program of study in the Classical works of the Western Liberal Arts Christian tradition. Experienced teachers guide students through core authors like Homer, Shakespeare, Dante, Milton, Machiavelli, and others. 

Schlect, the director of the CCS program, also explains that this degree is not an education degree, since the art of teaching is best learned in the classroom. This degree is built to meet people where they are and push them to a master’s level of knowledge. Those in the program come from a variety of backgrounds and ages: twenty-year-olds and fifty-year-olds, experienced and novice, and everything in between. These people are often professionals in their communities seeking to grow their knowledge of the Liberal Arts.

Summer Residency Class Photo '22

The program offers rolling enrollment, which means people can start the program at the beginning of any term. There are three terms: Fall Term (starts in September), Spring Term (starts in January), and Summer Term (starts in May). 

The Classical Christian Studies degree is a low-residency program designed to accommodate busy professionals by combining the flexibility of online education with the connectedness of in-person education. Applicants can choose between a masters degree or a certificate. 

The live, online classes allow students to keep their normal lives and routines. These courses aren’t just recorded videos; they are live and interactive. The community of CCS is one of the hidden values of this program. By regularly interacting with professors and fellow students, you build a network of like-minded peers and professionals. 

One of the highlights of the program is the summer residency where students and faculty come together in Moscow, Idaho at New Saint Andrews College for a week of intensive courses and deep fellowship. 

Watch the video with Dr. Schlect.

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