Master of Arts

in Theology and Letters

The Master of Arts in Theology and Letters (M.A.) is a limited-enrollment, academically rigorous, two-year course of graduate studies for those aspiring to recover a faithful, Reformed, philological approach to theology. All students need to be able (as a minimum) to work comfortably within either Hebrew, Greek, or Latin. Students will be able to study biblical or systematic theology using the philological method. This course is suitable for Bible translators, systematic theologians, those seeking pastoral training, and anyone interested in pursuing a philological approach to the study of texts in their original language. The M.A. program thus provides students a unique opportunity to explore both philology and theology as they apply to numerous areas of the life of the Church.

Language study turns the student from layman to legitimate.

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Graduate Class Instructors

Ben Merkle

President, Fellow of Theology

Mitch Stokes

Senior Fellow of Philosophy

Timothy Edwards

Academic Dean, Fellow of Theology

Jonathan McIntosh

Fellow of Humanities

Joseph Tipton

Fellow of Classical Languages

Timothy Harmon

Lecturer of Reformed Systematics

Course Offerings

Program Overview

Requirements for the Master of Arts in Theology and Letters Degree

Candidates for the M.A. degree must pass a total of 32 credits, with a minimum grade of MCH (B-) in each course. The M.A. degree requirements include:

  1. Four, two-credit terms of a Theological Foundation seminar: Translation Theory and the Work of Theology (8 credits total)
  2. Ten, two-credit M.A. Seminar Electives (20 credits total)
  3. M.A Research Project (4 credits total)
  4. Final Oral Exam
  5. Attendance at Graduate Forum

NSA in partnership with Dallas International University (formerly, Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics) to prepare Bible Translators

New Saint Andrews College has a cooperative agreement with Dallas International University that will facilitate New Saint Andrews graduates becoming Bible translators. Up to fifteen New Saint Andrews graduate credits will be transferable into the Dallas International graduate degree in Applied Linguistics with fifteen Dallas International credits transferable into the New Saint Andrews Master of Arts in Theology and Letters degree (as well as eighteen credits into our Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Culture).

Degree Calendar

Term Year A Year B Year A/B
Jerusalem Translation Theory and the Work of Theology I (2 credits) Reformed Systematics I (2 credits) M.A. Thesis Project (4 credits)
Nicea Translation Theory and the Work of Theology II (2 credits) Reformed Systematics II (2 credits) Year-long Wenden House Translation Projects and Assigned Readings (4 Credits)
Chalcedon Translation Theory and the Work of Theology III (2 credits) Reformed Systematics III (2 credits)
Westminster Translation Theory and the Work of Theology IV (2 credits) Reformed Systematics IV (2 credits)

Electives (Year A and/or B; 2 credits per elective)

Examples of Electives Offered

2019-2020 Calendar

Jerusalem Term

August 6-9, 2019 — Prologus Studiorum

August 9, 2019 — Orientation & Convocation

August 12, 2019 — Jerusalem Term Begins

September 30-October 4, 2019 — Final Examination Week

October 4, 2019 — Jerusalem Term Ends

October 7-11, 2019 — Fall Break

Nicea Term

October 14, 2019 — Nicea Term Begins

November 25-29, 2019 — Thanksgiving Break

December 9-13, 2019 — Final Examination Week

December 13, 2019 — Nicea Term Ends

December 16, 2019 — Christmas Break Begins

Chalcedon Term

January 13, 2020 — Chalcedon Term Begins

March 2-6, 2020 — Final Examination Week

March 6, 2020 — Chalcedon Term Ends

March 9-13, 2020 — Spring Break

Westminster Term

March 16, 2020 — Westminster Term Begins

May 4-8, 2020 — Final Examination Week

May 7, 2020, Thursday — Commencement

May 8, 2020 — Westminster Term Ends